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After Artemis shows the way and Cornwall gets a licence, the Government’s Autumn budget statement must seize the opportunity to drive UK economic growth through the national Space enterprise.

There are few sectors that have such far-reaching importance to society than Space underpinning finance, security, commerce, health, communications, transport, manufacturing, etc activity. But, where the Global Space economy is surging at nearly 7%, the UK is struggling to break even.

The National Space Strategy has catalysed the Nation, but the tools to make the opportunity a reality need to be deployed harder. If the UK is to make a difference and access the surging growth elsewhere, we need to address the 7 ‘Cs’:

– a clearer unifying national cause

– easier access to capital

– competition at the heart of acquisition

– accelerated clearances

– compressed timescales

– cover to underwrite risks and

– commercialisation of activity (like microgravity experimentation).

The National Strategy is strident…’….The days of the UK space industry idling on the launch pad are over – this government has the Right Stuff, and this strategy marks the start of the countdown…’…, but action must now follow if our Space sector is to thrive and fully contribute to the country’s urgent growth targets.

Sometimes when tackling big challenges the key ingredients are missing. Not so in UK Space, which is brimming with energy, ideas and ambition across the civil, commercial and military space sectors.

This rocket needs propellant, or it will be left lingering on the launch pad long after the time for lift off.

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@Grant Shapps @Mark Garnier @George Freeman MP

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